Iconergy is composed of experienced energy engineering and design-build experts who have come together through their shared commitment to one principle: How customers are served is just as important as correctly calculating BTU's and delivering projects on time and on budget.


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Iconergy provides innovative yet practical energy engineering and sustainability solutions for the built environment. Our initial assessment often reveals energy saving opportunities. The analysis that follows these assessments allows Iconergy to take a deeper look at your building system and provide a comprehensive solution for energy and environmental savings.

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Iconergy experienced engineers and construction professionals comprise our commissioning team. They ensure your building performs as well as or better than the original facility design by enhancing the design, construction, and post-construction phases during a new construction or facility renovation project. Commissioning guarantees a building’s operability in terms of performance and reliability.

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Efficiency Retrofit

Iconergy specializes in efficiency retrofit services from the initial conception to project completion and even on to post-construction work. Our engineers are well equipped to walk you through all stages of your project while incorporating integrated and practical energy and water efficiency solutions. Whether you are using traditional funding, grants, loans, or bonds to fund your project, Iconergy can help.

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Controls Design

Iconergy will provide integrated project specifications, schematics control designs, points lists, and sequences of operation that are optimized for energy efficiency and comfort. We have the expertise to design hybrid pneumatic/electric systems as well as electronic digital control systems that integrate with equipment vendors and other existing building automation systems.

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Meet our skilled team
Iconergy is a company comprised of experienced energy engineering and design build professionals who have come together through their shared commitment to excellence in program and project management. Having the right technical answer is only part of the solution - appropriate project management, communication and follow-up make the project a success.

Our staff possess an average of over 15 years of experience providing professional energy engineering and commissioning services to public, private, and nonprofit sector clients.

Iconergy encourages our engineers to further their education every year. This ensures our staff is up-to-date on the most cutting-edge conservation measures and sustainability techniques available to our clients.

There are no “cookie-cutter” projects in the eyes of our staff; we seek to integrate past experiences to deliver innovative solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients and their facilities.

Why choose us?

Commitment to our clients
Our team represents extensive experience delivering successful projects for schools, cities, counties, special districts, and commercial facilities. Our combined team has worked in over 100 facilities.

Iconergy is the only Colorado-owned and headquartered Energy Services company - we are the definition of local and nimble. We have veteran experience with streamlined processes, local involvement in the community, and reduced overhead costs.

We are committed to providing training and support for our clients. Education and support for our clients is a fundamental attribute for every energy efficiency project. In addition to training and support, we see it as our job to introduce ideas and concepts to our clients as a means of enhancing the ability of our clients to meet their objectives (e.g. reducing facility operating costs.)