Decarbonization is an umbrella term for any number of GHG reduction services and outcomes. Services include both energy efficiency (RCx, audits, controls and submetering, etc.), renewable energy, and total facility electrification. Many organizations are decarbonizing as they move toward meeting GHG commitments or toward achieving net zero buildings.


How we address Decarbonization

The challenge now is to not only maintain a standard of excellence, it is to also implement projects that are new and unique, and generally beyond the low- to no-cost tactics that have already been implemented. The challenge is to further achieve sustainable practices, whittle down carbon emissions, conserve natural resources where possible, and prepare for future electrification implementation. Iconergy uses its creativity, deep industry experience, and action-oriented engineers and construction manages to put in the work to overcome these challenges.

Iconergy will survey, evaluate, and report asset condition and replacement as part of recommendations for energy efficiency as well as the potential for solar photovoltaics and battery energy storage systems. As part of our onsite work, we will review the conditions and recommend a replacement or retro-commissioning strategy for the appropriate equipment that will align with your Net Zero strategy that is specific and unique to your building.

Iconergy is providing Round Mountain Water District (RMWD) to with both upgrades to its water production and distribution infrastructure as well as a 50kW solar PV array. The water upgrades include a new well and water meters. One component of Iconergy’s project is to drill a new well to supplement their existing water supply. RMWD is also adding a ground-mounted photovoltaic system to offset the pumping energy associated with the new well pump. Iconergy identified and secured grant funds to offset some of the cost of a solar system as the solar PV system promotes both sustainability and increased resiliency.

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Decarbonization Services We Provide

Our team is capable of closely working with your facilities and operations teams to implement some of the following tactics:

  • Replacing Gas-Powered Equipment to Electric Powered
  • Designing and Installing Solar Photovoltaics
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  • Battery Energy Storage Systems
  • Greenhouse Gas Inventory
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Advanced Controls (BAS, PLC, Submetering)
  • ENERGY STAR Portfolio Management