Efficiency Retrofit Services

Iconergy specializes in efficiency retrofit services from the initial conception to project completion and even through post-construction work. Our engineers are well equipped to walk you through all stages of your projects while incorporating integrated and practical energy and water metering technology solutions.

Performance Contracting

Performance contracting (sometimes known as Energy Performance Contracting or EPC) is an innovative, turnkey solution that utilizes energy and maintenance savings, guaranteed by an Energy Services Company (ESCO) to pay for needed facility improvements with no out-of-pocket cost to the owner.

Performance contracting re-allocates money already being spent on utility (energy, water, etc.) and maintenance costs to pay for needed facility improvements without affecting your current year’s budget.  A typical performance contract can reduce utility and maintenance expenditures by as much as 35%.  This allows for needed capital improvements to be made without having to raise taxes or pass a bond or mill levy increase.

Iconergy provided commissioning services for the mechanical system retrofit project of the University’s main biology laboratory building. The 160,000 square foot facility houses laboratories, offices, classrooms, storage rooms, and a 25-room vivarium. The building was deemed one of the University’s best-performing laboratories, boasting an energy intensity of 80-90 kBTU/SF/year.

PACE Program

PACE is a financing tool that allows commercial and multifamily property owners to finance qualifying energy efficiency, water conservation, and other clean energy improvements on existing and newly constructed properties, with repayment of the financing through voluntary assessment on their property tax bill. PACE is available in a growing number of states and jurisdictions. Iconergy can assist with PACE and C-PACE financing, contact us today for more information.


Design Build Implementation

Not every project needs guaranteed utility savings to pay for itself. Iconergy’s design/build service uses an integrated process to deliver turnkey projects to building owners who value cost-effective, timely delivery and one point of accountability for their projects.

Master Planning

At Iconergy, we understand the importance of looking at both present day needs and future needs as well.  Master planning requires a focus on future goals, strategy, and implementation. Our team is not only creating solutions for your building today, but also proactively searching for solutions for needs that will arise in the years to come.