Cost-free led program

Want to improve the look and functionality of your facility while reducing maintenance and costly energy bills? Iconergy can arrange a no-cost LED lighting retrofit for your building. Our clients are confirming that LED Lighting is significantly more efficient than older, more energy consumptive lighting sources. Improve your lighting quality, reduce your total energy consumption and save on utility and maintenance expenses by experiencing the following benefits of an LED Retrofit.


The technology of LEDs continues to improve and LEDs are now the most reliable and cost effective lighting choice. LED retrofits are backed by warranties reducing concerns from older technology.

Controllable Dimming

Increased functionality of LED lights is a great benefit to facility owners. Controllable dimming options provide better energy efficiency because light intensity is directly related to LED current, thus dimming options ultimately save you money on energy costs. In addition to the energy savings, LED lamps run cooler when dimmed. This significantly extends the life of the LED lamp and driver.

Less Maintenance

Lighting maintenance can be time consuming and diverts your staff from other facility tasks. LEDs typically last 25 times longer than traditional lights and the lamps require fewer maintenance repairs.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Since LEDs last longer, they reduce the amount of waste being produced. Switching to LEDs will eliminate your post-consumer waste. Lower energy consumption helps the environment by reducing the demand from power plants and decreases greenhouse gas emissions.

Enhanced Occupant Comfort

Your employee’s workplace environment, productivity, and overall happiness can be impacted by your facility’s lighting. Properly lit workplaces can reduce the likelihood of errors and safety issues.